When attending one of our auctions you will first need to register. This includes filling out our short registration form and providing us with a copy of your drivers license or another form of picture identification. After you've registered with us, you will be assigned a bidder number which you will be able to use at any future auctions! From there, all you have to do is bid to win the items you want!


A live auction is an exciting and exhilarating experience! People have enjoyed the fast-paced action of an auction for centuries to buy and sell every manner of merchandise. The chance to find a great deal on an item you're in love with and winning that item is an experience you won't forget! If it is your first time at an auction and you have any questions, feel free to ask any of our friendly and helpful staff for help. 

Typically, an item will be presented to the bidding audience and the auction will begin. As the auctioneer "bid calls" or asks the bidding audience for a dollar amount for that item, bidders will accept that request and bid, at which point the dollar amount will increase. The bidding will continue in this manner until the auctioneer determines that all bids for that item have been submitted and will announce the winning bidder and dollar amount, declaring it "SOLD". Sometimes, items may be bundled together, "lots" (groups of items) may be broken down individually or multiples of an item may be sold in various fashions, but the auctioneer will let the bidders know before asking for a dollar amount and if you are unsure as to what's happening - just ask us! 


  • All items are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS", which means that there are no guarantees or warranties on any items you may win. While we will never purposefully misrepresent an item that is up for auction, you will have the opportunity to inspect the item before it is auctioned and once the auctioneer declares the item "SOLD", it is the winning bidder's property. No refunds will be made for bidder error or for dissatisfaction with any items won
  • Items won must be paid for before the winning bidder leaves the auction. Some larger items may be held for pick-up within 24 hours of winning but must be paid for before the winning bidder leaves. While we will make every effort to maintain the safety of any won property, the winning bidder will be responsible for it once it is sold. No refunds or exceptions will be made for any damaged or stolen property belonging to another
  • There is a "Buyer's Premium" at all GoodBuy auctions. This is a supplemental fee charged for the services we provide to our winning bidders. The premium Is 13% if paying by credit card and 10% for paying in cash
  • All major credit and debit cards, cash and money orders are accepted as payment. We will not accept checks 
  • Unless advertised as an "Absolute Auction" all items will be subject to a reserve, or a minimum dollar amount the auctioneer is willing to accept before dismissing the sale of that particular item. If no acceptable bids have been placed the auctioneer may move along to the next item with no winner on the previous item
  • Unless advertised as an "Absolute Auction, any person in the auction house (staff and auctioneer included) may bid on any item they  wish to bid on 
  • If a bidder is tax exempt, they must submit the appropriate Sales Tax Exemption forms before bidding, otherwise, state sales tax will be applicable on winning bids